Cinema Sunday: November 21st

Man v. Food (season 1) - Wikipedia

I have now watched all three seasons involving Adam. I attempted to watch the episodes with the new host. I just couldn’t get into it. I realized very quickly that it wasn’t the show itself that made me a fan. It was Adam. He’s just so charismatic and it’s easy to follow him. He makes the show very entertaining! Man V. Food Nation : Adam Richman, Sharp Entertainment, LLC:  Movies & TV

I started watching this show just out of curiosity. Next thing I know, I’ve blown through ten episodes! It’s similar to his original show, but he has other people do the challenges instead of doing them himself. It takes place about 7-8 years after the other show quit airing.

Criminal Minds (TV Series 2005–2020) - IMDb

I am now three seasons into this show. I think I’m about halfway through the third season. There are a few episodes I’ve watched that I can’t remember watching before. Which is completely weird to me. I really thought I’d watched all of the first five seasons. Clearly, I was wrong. I’m really enjoying watching all the episodes in order though. I’m sad that it’s off the air now.

What shows or movies have you been watching recently?

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