The Friday 56: Baked With Magic

Season Of The Witch: A Panthera Publications Anthology by [Naomi Panthera, Zelda Knight, Faith Gibson, Shana Vernon, Maddison Cole, Candace Sams, Kit Blackwood, Alys Fraser, Katherine Bogle, C.A. King]

Note: This quote is from a short story that’s in this anthology. The passage is near the end of the story, but it does not give anything away. Also, this story is featured in another anthology called Cast a Wicked Spell. It is an anthology exclusive to Literary Love of Savannah.

As soon as the temparature evened out, she slid the tarts into the oven and began making her vanilla sponge again. She hoped she had enough time for it to cool before she spread the whipped cream layer on, or it would ooze all over the place. Once that was completed, she set a second timer and popped the cake in the oven.

I love that the author detailed the baking competition so well. It’s made me feel like I was actually there. I definitely recommend you checking the story out. I also recommend her debut novel: The Complications of Pi.

Your turn!

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