Weekly Featured Book: Heartstopper

I absolutely have loved this! I have read volumes one and two. I have the third volume ready to leave. I think part of me is afraid to read it because I know that the fourth one won’t be available until January. I mean it’s not a big deal. I already have it pre-ordered. I also have plenty to read to keep me from obsessing. I never expected to get so obsessed with this story! I hope to find somebody I can fully talk about the books with!

What is a book you’re really enjoying lately?

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Featured Book: Heartstopper

  1. I adore the Heartstopper series as well! I’ve read the first 3 volumes, and I own the 4th volume (I got the UK edition from Book Depository, since it released earlier than the US edition) but I think I’m going to wait until the 5th and final volume comes out the re-read and binge the entire series!

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