Author Spotlight: Sophie Bartow

This Week’s Author: Sophie Bartow

Book Spotlight:

“I fell in love with this little harbor.”
“Charming beginning for a series.”

Enjoy this steamy small-town romantic suspense series with a sense of family that will have you falling in love.

From the moment Sally Miller arrived in Swan Harbor, she felt at home. And after a year in the small town, she’s ready to look toward the future instead of living in the past. Then a note appears. And another; leaving her worried, she might have to run once again.
Danny Patterson gave up his dream of going to medical school, when his father had a stroke. He spends his days on a lobster boat, and his nights caring for his parents and siblings. But his response to Sally has him remembering the dreams he’d long buried.

Welcome to Swan Harbor, where Granny’s is the place for gossip and apple pie. Will Sally trust Danny enough to let him in? Will Danny put his heart on the line? Will their friends meddle? Find out in this Prequel to this small-town series.

Welcome to Swan Harbor
Welcome to Swan Harbor is the Prequel in Swan Harbor: A Contemporary Romantic Suspense Series. Each novel stands alone with a guaranteed happy ending, but threads from secondary stories weave throughout. Grab a chair, open your book, and come meet my friends.

About Sophie Bartow:

Sophie Bartow

Sophie Bartow is married, a mother of four, and currently lives with two spoiled cats and a dog. When she is not involved with her family, you’ll find her writing, reading, or watching some of her favorite televisions shows while plotting her next book. You can connect with her via her website:

Interview with Sophie Bartow:

Tell us about the books you’ve published so far.

I write small town romantic suspense books. On 10/8, my 9th book came out. Each book stands alone, but there are multiple stories that carry through the series. And so, I try to give hints about past stuff, but they are really more fun to read in order.  I also have ‘stories’ within my series. “Swan Harbor’s Hope’ is a set of 5 books that revolve around ‘saving’ the town’s hope, and a Spanish Galleon pirate ship that has been docked in the center of town forever.  

Book 1, Book 9, and the next 2-3 books are connected in what I’m calling my ‘love trials’ books.  

In addition to the above, I also have free novellas. One of them can be downloaded from my website. And the second one shows up in promos on BookFunnel and StoryOrigin.  

Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels?

Book 10 of my series is due out 11/12/2021. It’s called The Innocence of Love and centers around the Sheriff of my town and his wife, Molly. She is pregnant with twins and well… let’s just say that they have been a lot of fun to write. But – the book isn’t part of my ‘trials of love’ set for nothing. Books 11 and 12 were set up in Book 9.  I also have about 5 novellas in my head and I’m participating in a romantic suspense anthology due out next April called Love is Fatal. 

What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author? 

I loved to write as a kid and have always had a vivid imagination. But for the past 34+ years, I have been a speech/language pathologist working with adult post stroke patients. When my daughters were seniors, I decided that I needed a new journey and allowed my R Brain out to play. My first book was published in March 2020. And I’m having a blast. 

What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?

I know this is probably uncommon, but I don’t really have doubts about my writing. I know that I can weave a good story and that some people will love my series and others won’t. My doubts come in when I think about all that’s involved on the business side and what if no one buys the books. BUT I’ve run a private practice for 23 years so… I’m trying to tell myself that it’s a marathon and go from there. 

Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing? 

As I said before, I’m a speech path and yes, I write my career into my stories.  I have several characters who stutter, a couple who’ve had strokes. One who has Alzheimer’s. And in Book 10 that comes out 11/12, a baby has a cleft palate. A teen boy has had a head injury (which happened in Book 4), the MFCs mother has Parkinson’s AND the MFC is carrying twins.  But she’s having boys and I have twin girls. 

Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why?

Easiest character – That’s a tough question but maybe Ava King. And not because she’s anything like me. But somehow her personality flowed. She’s the mother of my MFC in Book 3. And then gets her own book, in Book 5. In the beginning, she sees herself as Rapunzel and is looking to be rescued.  Needless to say; her MMC is definitely the perfect book boyfriend.  This book, Kisses, Family & Hope just won 2nd prize in Romance in the Royal Palm Literary Competition. 

My hardest character was probably Liam Reade, but darn has he been a lot of fun. He’s the brother of the MMC in Book 3, is the MMC in book 4 and has shown up in several since. He hid behind his affability to keep from giving his heart to Elsa and that boy held his cards close to his vest forever…

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