True Crime and Conspiracy Theories: The Introduction!

I know technically this doesn’t really need an introduction. I tried this blog before. However, I consider it an introduction because I’m revamping it entirely. Every week I’ll be talking about a certain true crime or conspiracy theory that I read about. I will give the main facts and some articles for you to read more about if you’re interested. I will also give my opinions on the cases. I may even include some theories of my own for the ones I have theories on. I’m not going to lie, it’s probably going to be centered more on True Crime than it is Conspiracy Theories, but I will get some in.

Some topics I already have planned out:

  1. Atlanta Murders of 1979-1981
  2. Zodiac Killer
  3. Charles Manson
  4. Fred West
  5. Jack the Ripper

Anything that strikes my fancy will go into a folder and when I’m ready to blog about it, I’ll read up fully and piece my blog together. I really hope that you enjoy this. It’s one of the things that I’d make a career out of if I could. Well, researching true crimes and giving my theories. Maybe even trying to help solve unsolved ones. I don’t really want to do the field work of it all, but I’d love to do the research and lab work of it all. Maybe one day. Who knows?

Comment any suggestions or recommendations you have!

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