Sundays in Bed With… Survive the Night

Hosted by: Midnight Book Girl

Survive the Night: A Novel by [Riley Sager]

I originally started this as a challenge for The Hocus Pocus Readathon. I’m part of Team Sanderson Sisters. One of the perks is that we can trade one of our challenges with one from Team Trick or Treaters. Originally, I chose to switch read a middle grade novel with read a scary book wearing a costume. However, a couple hours into the costume and I was really hot and uncomfortable. So I chose to switch with read a romance instead. It all works out. I already finished a romance earlier this month. I loved this book though and devoured the first fifty pages rather quickly. So, I decided to continue reading it anyways. I still need to read eleven more BOTM books by the end of the year anyways.

What are you reading today?

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