The Friday 56: the Frozen Crown

The Frozen Crown: A Novel (Warrior Witch Duology Book 1) by [Greta Kelly]

I waved a hand, dismissing the Shazir and their madness, their hate. They rejected the truth of the Two-Faced God, that the Day Lord was but one-half of the deity, the bright face to Lady Night’s darkness. “My mother wasn’t a witch, and my father wasn’t an earth witch. He was a healer. The greatest healer this empire has ever seen. It was his power that saved Queen Ozura’s life when she was pregnant with her youngest son, and everyone knew it. How could they have possibly caused the earthquake?”

I just got this book yesterday. I haven’t read it yet. I am very intrigued. I know that I will be really interested in this book when I finally do get around to reading it. I won a copy of the sequel on Goodreads, so I felt like it was fate and bought the first book. Anybody have this book and would like to read it with me?

Your turn!

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