Weekly Game Chat: 10/8/21

So I kept notes for part of the week. The rest of the week not so much. Mainly because when I was thinking about it I wasn’t using the device to do the notes on. I’ll use a program that syncs on all my devices from here on. I’m also not going to do screenshots. The notes will be helpful enough.

Amazon.com: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Nintendo Switch : Mario Kart 8 - Deluxe:  Video Games

My family and I get on our Switches and play this. It’s been really fun. We recently got my brother a copy for his switch. We wound up playing like twelve races together if I remember correctly. We have decided to do a game day on Sundays. This will be on the list of games to be played.

Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises on Steam

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I got it on sale months back. It’s a pretty interesting game. It’s kind of like Criminal Case, but more interactive. I actually had to do a few walk throughs here and there. I only played it for about an hour or so, but I do plan to go back to it.

Guns of Glory Revenue Shoots Past $215 Million in Its First Year

I haven’t been as absorbed with this game as I was the previous week. I did get a lot done though. My new castle is now level nineteen and has joined us in the underseas world. It’s really going to help advance our alliance even more. Or so I hope.

New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Android Gameplay - YouTube

Sadly, my family didn’t do great in the Family Feast this week. We wound up ranking somewhere in the 30s. I’d say we need more active family members so we can stay in the top ten, but I’d have to be more active myself to make that kind of demand. There’s a new glitter pack. The grand price dice for collecting all stickers for it is a Monopoly dice. I want it. So I’ve been trying to get the 5k goal every day. That’s the only way to really get it. So far I have four of the seven stickers for it. I think there are eighteen days left. I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll get lucky! We will see!

What games are you playing these days?

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