On This Day: October 8th

October 8th:

2001- US President George W. Bush announces the establishment of the Office of Homeland Security

1915- Battle of Loos on WWI Western Front ends, German forces contain British attack (85,000 casualties)

1633- Massachusetts Bay Colony forms its first government

1769- Captain James Cook lands in New Zealand at Poverty Bay (East Coast)

1775- Officers decide to bar slaves & free blacks from Continental Army

1840- First Hawaiian constitution proclaimed

1871- Forest fire destroys Peshtigo, Wisconsin, killing between 1,200 and 2,500 people, making it then the deadliest wildfire in recorded history

1918- American soldier Alvin York single-handedly attacks German gun nest, killing at least 25 and capturing 132 Germans

1934- Bruno Hauptmann is indicted for murder of Charles Lindbergh’s son

1945- US President Harry Truman announces atomic bomb secret shared with Britain and Canada

1945- Microwave oven patented by US inventor Percy Spencer

1953- Birmingham, Alabama, bars Jackie Robinson’s Negro-White All-Stars from playing there Robinson gives in & drops white players from his group

My source and more facts at On This Day

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