Sundays in Bed With… The Witch’s Kind and Daughter of Sparta

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The Witch's Kind: A Novel by [Louisa Morgan]

This is the audiobook I’m currently listening to. I just started it last night, but it’s really good so far. It takes place shortly after World War II. I’m very curious to see how things go from where I am at now. I love being able to read when wanting to play videogames with audiobooks!

Daughter of Sparta by [Claire Andrews]

I also started this book last night. This is a book that I got from Once Upon a Book Club. I’m very excited to open the gifts. I already opened the first. It is a cosplay robe of sorts from that kind of era. I’m very happy that this book was chosen during my TBR Jar marathon. It’s one I’ve been really looking forward to reading it.

What are you reading today?

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