Weekly Game Chat: 10/1/21

I have once again failed to get better at making notes of my game plays. I’ll try my best to do better going forward. However, I am beginning to realize that maybe it’s just not my thing. We shall see. I also need to get to gaming more!

Guns of Glory Requirements - The Cryd's Daily

So I wound up making a secondary account for this game. I named it Moroi Court. We have made our Alliance court themed and I just couldn’t help myself! I wound up renaming my main account to Dhampir Court. If you get it, I’d totally love to chat with you. There’s currently an event going on that takes place underseas. It looks like nobody under castle nineteen can join. My new account is only level eleven currently. I’m tempted to speed up the castle level to nineteen and then letting her sit there for a minute until I get the rest of my buildings caught up. They have also released new gears. I already have two pieces. I think it’s two pieces. I’ve been playing every day. Even if it’s just to get my dailies out of the way.

Review: Yahtzee with Buddies is Fun with Friends - 100 Directions

I haven’t been playing this game as nearly as often as I was. I cant even remember the last time I have earned all three daily chests. I do try to get on once a day to do family stuff. I have been lucky to get every other day though. I’ll get there though. I should be fair to myself. I did just recently lose one of my dogs and started my new job. I think the only reason I have played Guns of Glory as much as I have has been been because I can absorb myself into it and not think about Shadow.

Word Craze Answers

I’m really continuing to enjoy this game more and more. I’ve played it for a few weeks now. I’ve played it every day. Even if I only do the daily puzzle. It’s been really therapeutic for me. It’s also been very exciting. I never really considered myself a crossword kind of person. I guess I am.

File:Nintendo switch logo.png - Wikimedia Commons

For those of you who don’t know, I bought a Nintendo Switch a few months back. I’m very happy with my purchase. I kind of wanted to buy a few other systems as well, but I had to choose just one. I haven’t played it as often as I should, but I have collected quite a few games on it. Hell, it’s been packed away since I’ve returned home. I plan to change that soon. I have a spare monitor that I plan on hooking my switch up to in my office. I’ll keep you all posted from there.

What games are you playing these days?

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