Thankful Thursdays: 9/30/21

I don’t know if anybody else has made this a thing. I also don’t know if anybody else will do this with me. If not, it’s completely fine. It’s something I want to do every week. I’m going to think of at least one thing I’m thankful for for the week. I’ll try to do up to four a week, but at least one. I think this will be very therapeutic. We shall see in time.

Note: There may be some things that get repeated now and then. My intention is to talk about things I’m thankful for that week. So some things may pop up a few times. I’m not attempting to be redundant or repetitive. Just trying to be genuine.

  1. Beautiful Moments. I was caught up in the show that I was watching and the project I was working on when I decided to randomly look over and check on my dog who was sleeping next to me. What I found was so adorable I lost words. He was cuddled up next to my stuffed tiger. It was a beautiful moment to me. I’ve learned not to take beautiful moments for granted. One day they will be gone for good.
  2. Candles. I know this one may seem like a weird thing to be thankful for. It’s just that they are so soothing. I’ve needed a lot of soothing vibes lately. I also feel like I put a lot of positive vibes into the world when I had the candles going. I have had the candles lit most of the day. I need to build a collection of candles soon!
  3. Working. I’ve been without work since June. Mostly because I was worried about trying to learn a new job while out of town. I’m thankful of the job because I love the routine of having a work schedule. The money is wonderful because it pays the bills, but I’m just happy to have routine more than anything.
  4. Embracing who I am. I’ve spent so much of my life trying to pretend to be who I thought I was supposed to be to make everybody happy. The more I discover about myself, the less I worry about making others happy. My real loved ones will accept me for who I am.

What are some things you’re thankful for?

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