All About Audiobook: Potential Audiobook Picks

Normally, I spotlight an audiobook that I’ve been listening to and enjoying. I haven’t really listened to audiobooks much lately. So, instead of trying to find a book to spotlight, I’ve decided to show you my potential TBR for this weekend’s TBR Jar Readathon.

This is a readathon I host on the last weekend of every month. This will be the second one. Basically, you pick a book to read from your jar. That book gets read until you finish it or decide you don’t wish to continue. Then you pick another. This continues until the end of the readathon. It’s really fun and it got me out of a reading funk I was in. I personally pick two books at the beginning. One physical/ebook and one audio. Then once I’m done with either, I pick either another audiobook or another physical/ebook.

I know that last weekend was the last weekend of the month, but I postponed the readathon due to my dog going missing.

I think I’ve rambled enough. Here’s the books going into this weekend’s TBR:

If you’d like to join the readathon, you’re more than welcome. The Facebook Group is called The Introverted Readathoner. I am trying to get a #TheIntrovertedReadathoner going. So if you do participate, please use it. You don’t have to join the group or use the hashtag, but I’d appreciate if you did!

What audiobook are you enjoying these days?

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