Weekly Book Reviews: 9/25/21

Note: The reviews will be pulled directly from my reviews on Goodreads.

Barbie B*tch: A Dark High School Bully Romance (Rejects Paradise Book 3) by [Sheridan Anne]

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Date Finished: September 21st

Story: I really enjoyed this book. I wasn’t really surprised. I fell in love with the first two books. Who doesn’t love a bunch of strong characters with a lot of sarcastic charm? Sadly, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first two. I mean I didn’t hate it. It just wasn’t the same. It ended on a cliffhanger but it wasn’t one that had me rushing to start reading the next book.
Characters: I’ve loved Ocean from the very beginning, but she kind of infuriated me in this book. She was overly emotional and just kept making bad decisions after bad decisions. She also kept getting mad at “her boys” for things that she was obviously doing herself and that she was okay with the other of “her boys” doing. I also noticed a lot of darkness with Nic in this book and the last book. I could gush on and on about Sebastian, Spencer, and Milo. I am afraid I’d make a novel of it though. They are three of my favorites. I also should note that I love seeing the change in Colton. He became such an amazing guy for Ocean.
Critiques: This is actually something I noticed the author does that is a little much for me. I’m going to preface this by saying it might be a personal thing. I’m still going to address it anyway. The main character of this and another series I’ve read of hers say “And just like that” a lot. Like I said, this may be a personal thing, but I still found it a little annoying.
Narration: I sadly can’t remember who narrated this, but they did a great job. I also really enjoyed their voice very much. It had this very “scratchy” quality that I enjoyed very much.
Final Thoughts: While I didn’t enjoy this book nearly as much as the first two, I still enjoyed it very much. I will eventually read the rest of the series. It just won’t be anytime soon. I think right now I just need to let my thoughts on the book stew. I do very much recommend this series and the author.

The Omen Machine: Sword of Truth - A Richard and Kahlan Novel by [Terry Goodkind]

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Date Finished: September 22nd

Story: This book definitely hit way different than the rest of the series. There were still threats against Richard and everybody who stood with him. It was a lot happier and not as morbid at least. Not saying it wasn’t morbid at all. Kara and Benjaman get married before the start of the novel. Which is unheard of. No Mord Sith has ever married before. Not going to lie, I was kind of hoping to be able to see the wedding itself. At least we got to see the wedding party.
Characters: All of the characters were as amazing as ever. I would have loved to see more of Nicci and Kara in this book. They were around, but they were more in the background than anything. I also really want to see more of Benjamin. If he is good enough to be married to my beloved Kara, then he’s good enough to shine more in the story.
Critiques: None
Narration: The narrator was as good in this novel as he has been in the other novels.
Final Thoughts: I’m really curious to see how this part of the series goes. I want to see if Richard is able to overcome things like he has in the past. On the same note, I’m also just kind of annoyed. I mean that in a good way. Can’t people just leave Richard alone???? Let him be happy!

I’d love to see your book reviews!

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