Thankful Thursdays: 9/9/21

I don’t know if anybody else has made this a thing. I also don’t know if anybody else will do this with me. If not, it’s completely fine. It’s something I want to do every week. I’m going to think of at least one thing I’m thankful for for the week. I’ll try to do up to four a week, but at least one. I think this will be very therapeutic. We shall see in time.

Note: There may be some things that get repeated now and then. My intention is to talk about things I’m thankful for that week. So some things may pop up a few times. I’m not attempting to be redundant or repetitive. Just trying to be genuine.

  1. Making my own choices. There are times I realize just how fortunate I am to get up and decide what I want to do for the day. To decide what I want to do with my life. There are many people who will never have the opportunity to make choices on their own. I’ll admit there are some days I choose not to make any choices, but if you think about it, that in itself is a choice.
  2. TBR planning. Sometimes making a TBR pile keeps me focused on my reading. It also excites me about what I’m about to read. It also excites me for reading.
  3. Moving On. Something big just happened and my family and I lost some major things that were really important to us. Some that can be replaced, and some that can’t. I lost a really big chunk of my book collection. It really hurt us all, but we are going to move on and get stronger. On the same token of this, I’m thankful for forgiveness and second chances.
  4. Food Prep. Some days I don’t feel like fixing food. Other days I feel like cooking all day long. So the days I feel like cooking, I try my best to prep and put away foods. That way I am not tempted to choose foods that aren’t the healthiest just because it’s easier. I even have two salad bowls so I can prep my salads to just grab. It’s definitely helped my confidence.

What are some things you’re thankful for?

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