Top Five Wednesdays: Back To School

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly challenge for book bloggers, vloggers, and book lovers, hosted by Lainey and Sam. The goal is to choose their top 5 picks for the week’s given challenge. Find out more on the  Goodreads group page!

From The Group Page:

September 8: Back to School

By this point, most schools are probably in session! What books remind you the most of school? They can be about school, something you read for school, or something else, so interpret the prompt as you’d like!

Marked by P.C. and Kristin Cast: The series starts with Zoey joining a vampyre finishing school. It’s a boarding school for vampyre fledglings.

The Giver by Lois Lowry: I’m not sure if I was assigned to read this in school, but I do remember reading it for the first time in fifth grade.

Vampire Academy: This one is another vampire boarding school one.

Cold Sassy Tree: This was on the summer reading list when I was in school. I was a senior and it was on the ninth grade list. I was bound and determined to read every book on the list for all grades though!

To Kill A Mockingbird: I read this book for the first time in the ninth grade. It took all my effort to stay at the pace of the class and not read ahead. I really loved the story. I’ve read it a few more times since.

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