Cinema Sunday: Jurassic Marathon and Cooking Competition Shows

I decided to have a Jurassic Park/World marathon to celebrate my birthday. It was mainly because I just recently bought the second Jurassic World. The timing was just perfect though! I realized during the day that I haven’t watched the second or third Jurassic Park nearly as many times as I watched the first. For those of you who don’t know me, I watched Jurassic Park dozens of times as a child. I could almost recite every line at one point in time! I also discovered that I don’t love Jurassic Park III as much as I loved the first two.

So I really loved the first Jurassic World. It was insane and intense. I’ll probably wind up watching this another couple of dozen times. I didn’t love the second one as much as I loved the first. It just didn’t have as much action as the the first one or the Park series. It was mostly drama filled. I prefer the action of the movies in all honesty. I am looking forward to seeing the third movie. If there is really going to be a third one coming out. It apparently releases June of next year if Google is to be believed. We shall see.

This is one of my favorite shows. I really love to see just how savage some people can be when competing over cooking. I also love watching them cook and overcome the challenges they are given. It’s also been nice to watch them all in order. I really enjoy it very much.

So, Dustyn and I are huge fans of Chopped. We love to see how creative the contestants can get. We also love to predict who’s going to get chopped. So, we were very excited to find this version of the show. We’ve watched Chopped 420 and some new age Chopped episode. Out of the three, this is my favorite version. Scott has been a great host. I have this favorite episode where he kept messing with this one contestant. She was full of sass!

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