Readathon News: #AYearAThon

Disclaimer: These Readathons are not owned or run by me. I find them by searching the month and year on Google. My main source has been Little Book Owl.

There are four month long readathons going on for the month of August.

  1. ARC August. From what I gather, this is the sixth annual event. It looks like you just read as many Advanced reader Copies as you can during the month. It doesn’t seem to matter if they are from this year or haven’t been released yet. As long as they are ARC copies.
  2. DraconAthon: They have a video on Youtube that explains everything about the readathon. It looks like it includes the prompts to get through with the readathon. You can view that by clicking here.
  3. High Summer Readathon: This is sponsored by Seasons of Reading. They have a sign up post on their blog for everybody that wants to participate to sign up. It doesn’t look like there are any prompts. Just read to your heart’s content. This is one of my favorite readathons because of how low key they are.
  4. Trope-ical Readathon: This is Round 5 of the readathon. You can find all of the information by clicking here. If you’re worried about being thrown into the middle of it because it’s the 5th round, don’t. This will be my first round as well. It does look really fun!

There is one week-long readathon this week. It’s the AYEARATHON readathon. This month’s theme is link the books. I don’t really see any news about this readathon to fully explain what “link the books means”. To be fair, I’m posting this in advance because I’ll be going out of town and may not be at a computer when it goes live. I’d just suggest to keep an eye on the website for any updates.

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