Release Blitz: Iron and Brimstone

Iron and Brimstone

Hidden Truth Book 2

I’m a halfling… a secret my mother attempted to take to her grave. 

But once that secret was revealed,  I was thrust into the human world to search for my father. 

And now… I’ve found him. 

I thought it would help to put the pieces to this ever growing puzzle together, but instead they scattered to the wind, revealing more secrets and lies. 

The seals of the apocalypse keep breaking without effort and I need to find a way to stop it. With my mates by my side I have a chance. But what if someone or something takes them away from me? Will I be strong enough for the seven of us?

I’ll do what I have to do and fight like a girl.


Ash and Stone 

Hidden Truth book 1

Free in KU

Secrets and lies. Passion and pain…

Life is simple as a demon, spending my days torturing the souls of the damned. But things get a hell of a lot more complicated when Lilith appears and dumps me in the mortal realm to face a different type of demon: my history.

Come to find out, my mother has been harboring a deadly secret about what I really am.

With her final breaths, she reveals that I’m only part demon — a halfling, an abomination.

It’s just a matter of time before all the denizens of Heaven, Hell, and those in-between begin hunting me. But thats only the beginning of my problems. Prophecies whisper of the end of the world and I’m at the center of them.

I think my luck can’t get any worse when I  move into the same apartment building as three irresistible gargoyles. Instead of trying to kill me like they should, they agree to help. Throw in an over protective Cerberus who shifts into three sexy triplets and things get even more interesting. Will the sparks flying between us grow into something more or burn us all? Are we gonna live long enough to find out?

The clock is ticking — things prophesied are being fulfilled.


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