Cinema Sunday: Black Widow and Ion Television

I haven’t posted for this segment in about a month now. That’s mainly because I have been rewatching Bull with my girlfriend. We just finished rewatching the fourth season so we’re going to be moving on to another show. Today’s blog will cover the normal week plus last weekend. I had prescheduled last weekend’s blogs on Thursday.

My girlfriend and I went to watch this for our six month anniversary last Saturday. We had an amazing time and really enjoyed the movie very much. I’m actually looking forward to watching this movie again. Maybe even more than once!

I’ve known about this show and the book series for a long time. I’ve never really watched or read them. I’ve been curious about it. Finding out it was playing on ION all day Wednesday felt like a sign to me. I watched several episodes and enjoyed it very much. I feel like I need to watch it from the first episode on to fully get it though. I’d even be happy to get the book series in my hands to read it. I’m not hooked on the series or anything, but it’s a possibility.

This show was playing on ION all day on Thursday. I watched several episodes on and off through the day. I don’t really enjoy it all that much, but it’s watchable. If I’m being honest, I mainly started watching it because of Sophie Bush. I’m a really big fan of her. She’s incredibly beautiful and talented.

This show was on ION all day Tuesday. I didn’t even know it was a thing until then. It’s clear that it’s a sister show to Chicago PD. To the point where several of the cast appear on both shows. Like Chicago P.D., I’m not really totally in love with it, but it’s a watchable show. I did enjoy my day watching it.

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