Weekly Game Chat: 7/2/21

Now that the chaos of being in a different atmosphere is past me. I have actually gotten some down time to play some games. I didn’t branch out too much. I played a little Mario Kart, but not enough to really write too much about. I did wound up getting first place in all the rounds I played. That was pretty exciting. I’ve been playing Yahtzee as well. Not as much as I should be playing. Our family got into the top ten for family feast. So there’s that.

I started playing this game recently. I got myself a gaming tablet because I missed having an android device on my person. Anyways, I always see ads for this game when I do my daily logins. I played this game a long time ago and just got tired of all the chaos in the later levels. The ads are nothing like the game I remembered. I recently saw an ad that said something about them being mini games. So my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to download it on my new tablet and give it a shot. I added it to my new Facebook profile and have played 212 ish levels since I started. There are many games. They are like the ad. I actually enjoy them. I didn’t realize I missed the game until I started playing it again.

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