Cinema Sunday: Bull and Women’s Murder Club

I have watched all of this but the last three episodes. I can’t lie. I’m really itching to watch the last three. However, I’ve been watching this show with Dustyn. I will not watch them until he and I can watch it again. It’s going to be hard. I’m kind of sad that this only went on for a season. I get why though. It’s nothing at all like the series. I did enjoy it anyways. After I stopped comparing the show to the books.

I have finished season four of this now. We are now into Post COVID episodes. I’ve only watched the first two episodes of the fifth season. I think I’m almost caught up with it. I guess this means that I need to find another show to catch up on. I’m debating between NCIS and Criminal Minds. I’m open to suggestions as well. Has anybody else watched Bull? Would love to chat about the show with somebody.

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