Cinema Sunday: Cutthroat Kitchen, Chicago PD, and Bull

When I was looking for non-book memes to get into, I found this one. I tried to trace it back, but it seems like the original blogger has pulled their blogs. Or the link that the source I used just wasn’t valid. I still liked the idea behind it, so I thought I would give it a go. If I ever find the original source of this meme, I will update this. Until then, I’ll put my own spin on things. Every week, I’ll discuss shows or movies I watched during the week. On the weeks that I don’t watch television, I’ll talk about up to three television shows or movies I heard about that I really want to watch.

I was so happy to find this show is on Discovery +! I only watched the pilot episode of it. For now anyways. It’s definitely on my list to watch every single episode of it when I can! I absolutely love the show and I’m a HUGE fan of Alton Brown. He’s so intelligent and sneaky.

I watched a couple of episodes of this. I can’t remember where I watched this on. I think Peacock. It seems like a nice show. I mainly only wanted to watch it because Sophia Bush was in it and I loved her in One Tree Hill. I won’t lie. She’s one of my girl crushes. She’s just so beautiful and talented! I just wish I could get more into the show than I am. I’ll go back and watch it and see if it does anything for me. Right now it’s just meh.

Still watching this. I’ve started season four. It’s really interesting how everything is panning out. I’m not very impressed with what I’m seeing with season four so far. It seems like the creators of the show might be getting bored with it. I don’t know. Some episodes have been as amazing as the others. Some are just really irritating. I don’t know how to explain it. And I’m starting not to like some of the main characters. Just saying.

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