Blog Prompt: Thank You Letter

This one will be simple. Every week, I’ll use Google to find a random prompt to blog about. Unless I have a request I can use. If I have a request, I’ll do that. I encourage anybody who wants to to answer the prompt as well.

This Week: Write a thank you card/letter to someone.

Dear Dustyn:

I am so thankful for you every day. You’ve taught me so much. You’ve taught me that it’s okay to be me. You’ve taught me patience and compassion. You taught me that it was okay to not be perfect. After being shamed and treated poorly all my life for not living to the standards they had set for me and anybody else they wanted in their lives. You taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. You helped me see the value in loving somebody and the value of working things out and making compromises. What I’m most thankful for of everything you’ve done for me is that you helped me feel free to be me. You encouraged it. You rooted me on. I’ll never forget that. You’ll always be special to me and have a special place in my heart.



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