Music Monday: Lillix

Welcome to Music Monday! I’ll share a song that means a lot to me and why I am sharing it. This meme is hosted by The Tattooed Book Geek.

Originally, I was choosing a song and posting the video and lyrics for it. Obviously, I was crediting the source. I decided to switch it up. Lately, I’ve gotten into listening to playlists as I read on Spotify. Every Monday I will share a playlist that I’ve been listening to currently and my thoughts on the playlist and what book I was reading while I listened to it.

Disclaimer: I do not own the music I share. I found it on Spotify or Youtube. The license for these songs belongs to somebody else entirely.

This week’s playlist isn’t book related. I do love it dearly though.

I really feel this band deserved a lot more exposure than it got. I loved them. I mean my crush on the singer and guitarist aside, they were so talented. They helped me through some very difficult situations. Their lyrics are just so deep. There’s a part in Nowhere to Run that really stuck out to me. I post about it now and then. I also really love Back Up Girl. It made me realize that I was not a horrible person. They just didn’t want me. It helped me move on. Anyways, enjoy the list!

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