Weekly Wrap Up: 5/8/21

Welcome to Weekly Wrap Up. I will discuss how my week has gone. I will include any pictures I’ve taken for the week and my progress in reading. It won’t be all about books. Just my week in general. I’ll also briefly highlight some books I’ve read during the week.

So it’s been about two weeks since I posted one of these certain blogs. The week before last, I had an emergency minor surgery. It was nothing major but it definitely put me off the radar for a little bit. I’m feeling way better now. I also decided to go ahead and begin my Covid vaccine. I will get the second round on June 2nd. I’m a little nervous about that one if I’m being completely honest.

I’ve finished three books this month. In the span of two days. I’m a little worried that reading 21 books last month may have taken a toll on me. We shall see. There is a readathon going on next week. So that might help me so much. The theme is to read all books by one author. I’m choosing to read half of the House of Night series. Or going to try to read half of the series anyway. That way I can read the other half of the series next month for their re-read themes.

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