Cinema Sunday: Clarissa Explains it All

When I was looking for non-book memes to get into, I found this one. I tried to trace it back, but it seems like the original blogger has pulled their blogs. Or the link that the source I used just wasn’t valid. I still liked the idea behind it, so I thought I would give it a go. If I ever find the original source of this meme, I will update this. Until then, I’ll put my own spin on things. Every week, I’ll discuss shows or movies I watched during the week. On the weeks that I don’t watch television, I’ll talk about up to three television shows or movies I heard about that I really want to watch.

I recently subscribed to Paramount Plus. I’ve been on the fence for quite awhile about it. The thing that got me started considering it was Are You Afraid of the Dark? I had so many shows I got to watch a little of as a kid, but not often. Watching television as a child was a treat that happened very rarely. So to find that I have access to all these shows I wanted to watch as a kid just makes me very happy.

I decided on a whim to check if Clarissa Explains it All was also on there. I was so happy to find it was. It was one of my favorite television shows to watch when I could. Sadly, I only saw maybe a handful of episodes. I was a huge Melissa Joan Hart fan. I still am if I’m being honest. I think this show is the reason for that. I’ve only watched the first two episodes so far, but I fully intend on watching all of them that I can watch! I’m just so happy I have the ability to watch it now!!!

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