Writing Prompts: Heaven and Rose

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of my writing may be more appropriate for mature audiences than for younger audiences or children. Please read with caution.**

Writing Prompt: Heaven and Rose

The funeral seemed to go on forever. Rose was slowly losing the facade she was trying to hold strong to. She was shattered. She had experienced many loved ones dying in her life. None of them had impacted her as much as this one did. It’s one thing to watch somebody who’s suffered for a long time die. It’s quite another for someone who’s so young and full of life to just be gone with no warning. 

She heard the whispers around her before the funeral started. They couldn’t understand why she hadn’t shed a single tear. This was her sister after all. Why wasn’t she at least sad? She was disappointed with their judgmental attitudes, but she wasn’t going to let it get to her. She knew she cried. She cried so hard most nights that she stopped breathing. She was bound and determined not to show that in public though. She had to be strong. For her mother especially.

Rose listened as the preacher droned on and on about how Peyton was in Heaven now and that she was happy. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She knew Peyton would be just as annoyed as she was. She’d probably be more vocal about it than Rose was. That’s how Peyton was. They were twins. They looked exactly alike. 

Their personalities couldn’t be more different. Peyton was loud and vivacious. She was the party girl who spoke her mind with no regard to the consequences. Her grades were acceptable. She was lucky to have gotten accepted to two of the five schools she applied to. Rose was the practical one. She followed society guidelines and did as she was told. She followed every rule and kept to a strict schedule. Her grades were always top of the line in school. She was accepted into every school she applied to. 

Despite their differences, Rose and Petyon were extremely close. After the accident, everybody expected Rose to fall apart. Some were even convinced she would develop a personality change that would forever alter her as they knew it. They were shocked when she maintained composure. She did what she was supposed to. She took care of her family. She was the strong backbone that held everybody together.

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