Readathon News: Spring Into Horror and Off the Gridathon

I’ll discuss the readathons going on during the week and ow I feel about them. I will also list my TBR for the readathon or each readathon. If none are scheduled or I’m not hosting my own, this blog will be skipped for the week.

April 5th to the 11th

So for the entire month of April, there is a Spring Into Horror readathon. I used to actively participate in these, but randomly stopped when I was feeling overwhelmed. I’m happy to be back.

We also have a Off The Gridathon taking place the 9th to the 11th. I’m very excited about that. We shut ourselves off social media and do nothing but read. I’ll obviously be working Friday and Saturday, but I will still be able to read and stay off the grid outside of work.

I’ve decided not to do a TBR pile for readathons unless they have challenges. I make a list every single month of books I want to read and I’ll just go off that. I actually need to start posting those on here. Might hold me more accountable to do them!

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