First Weekly Wrap Up

Welcome to Weekly Wrap Up. I will discuss how my week has gone. I will include any pictures I’ve taken for the week and my progress in reading. It won’t be all about books. Just my week in general. I will also highligt my five favorite blogs I’ve read during the week.

This week has gone amazingly for me. I started production at work. I’ve gotten back into reading. I’ve finished two book so far! It’s a huge feat for me right now.

I’ve rearranged some blog posts this week. I’ve also rearranged my schedule outside of work too. For those of you who don’t know, I now host two meetings a week on Goodreads. If you all would like to join, let me know. I’ll start including the links into the blog.

Starting next week, I’ll highlight five of my favorite blogs on this weekly blog. It’s something I am really excited about doing. I don’t read as many blogs as I probably should. I’ve been working on changing that lately. If you aren’t following the person I spotlight, I strongly encourage you to follow them! They will be just as amazing as the blog post I was enamored with!

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