Writing Prompt: Forgiveness and Horse

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of my writing may be more appropriate for mature audiences than for younger audiences or children. Please read with caution.**

Writing Prompt: Forgiveness and Horse

Shannilyn woke up to darkness. She didn’t have to see to know that she was alone. Again. She was alone often these days. She knew in her heart that the marriage was over. If she were being honest with herself, the whole town knew about it. There wasn’t a person around that didn’t talk about his carrying on with the sheriff’s daughter. She’d known they were seeing each other for a long time. 

It started shortly after her fifth miscarriage. People didn’t think she heard the gossip, but she did. She wasn’t blind or deaf. She just preferred not to confront him just yet. Shortly after he started seeing Rita, he stopped touching Shannilyn entirely. At first she was hurt. She didn’t know what she had done wrong. After her body started healing, she was relieved. She knew she would never have to deal with another disappointment.

Recently, there had been talk about Rita being pregnant. Nobody knew for sure, but some were almost positive that they saw her horse in front of the local midwives home. If she were, then Chase would be sure to be thrilled. He would finally have the son he had always wanted. Something that Shannilyn was never able to give him. If this baby came to full term, she knew in her heart that Chase would leave her and marry Rita. 

Shannilyn never thought that she would need forgiveness for the miscarriages. It wasn’t something she could control. So, she was devastated when he came in one night and told her that she should be ashamed of herself. He told her that she had one job and she couldn’t even do that correctly. He even went as far as to accuse her of drinking tea to do it on purpose. She cried so much that night she didn’t think she would ever be able to cry again. 

He left that night and never came home. There was talk that he was staying in Rita’s cottage, but nobody knew for sure. Both of them were suspiciously quiet. Shannilyn wished that the town could be just as quiet. She was already weary of hearing all of the talk. They were on her side and they supported her, but it was just too much. 

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