On This Day: March 5th

I’ll be posting a few fun little things that happened on this day in history. I’ll also add my own commentary to the mix now and then as well.

Note: Not all events will be pleasant, but I promise to throw in as many quirky and pleasant ones as I can to balance.

March 5th

1770- Boston Massacre (Incident on King Street): British Soldiers kill five men in a crows throwing snowballs, stones, and sticks at them. African-American, Crispus Attucks is the first to die. He’s later held up as an early black martyr. Massacre galvanizes anti-British feelings.

1946- Winston Churchills’ “Iron Curtain” speech in Fulton Missouri, popularizes the term and draws attention to the division in Europe.

1496- English King Henry VII grants John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) a commission to explore for new lands.

1558- Smoking tobacco introduced into Europe by Spanish physician Francisco Fernandes.

1623- First American temperance law is enacted in Virginia.

1750- First American Shakespearean production “altered” Richard III in New York City.

1766- Don Antonio de Ulloa takes possession of Louisiana territory from the French.

1774- John Hancock delivers the fourth annual Massacre Day Oration, a commemoration of the Boston Massacre, and denounces the presence of British troops in Boston, enhancing Hancock’s stature as a leading patriot.

1795- Treaty of Basel- Prussia ends war with France.

1821- Monroe is first US president inaugurated on March 5th, because March 4th was on a Sunday.

1856- Georgia becomes first sate to regulate railroads.

1868- Stapler patented in England by CH Gould.

Source: On This Day

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