Writing Prompt: Crime and Castle

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of my writing may be more appropriate for mature audiences than for younger audiences or children. Please read with caution.**

Writing Prompt: Crime and Castle

I went to my bedroom and shut the door. I can’t believe I had finally talked my parents into updating things around here. They even agreed to install cable and internet. Apparently one of their friends informed them that a teenager these days couldn’t live without both. That they were now considering the internet a necessity. I wish I could find out which friend informed them of this so I could kiss them.

The only thing I couldn’t answer was how I knew about the latest technology. If they knew how I learned the things I knew, they would never let me leave the castle again. It’s not like I was really hurting anybody with what I did. It was still considered a crime though. That’s where they would be heavily disappointed in me. 

At night when everybody had fallen asleep, my maid and I snuck into the village close to the castle and crept into houses at random. We took care to make sure the houses were empty so that we didn’t disturb some poor unsuspecting sleeper. We watched television and snacked on foods that my parents didn’t allow at the castle. 

Bridget startled me out of my thoughts bursting in the door. She looked as excited as if it were Christmas or her birthday. I calmly waited for her to bring the excitement down so she could sit next to me. 

“What is it, Bridget?”

“I just found out the news! I’m so excited. This means we won’t have to-”

I clamped my hand over her mouth quickly.

“Not so loud. People might hear.”

“Oh, blast! You’re right! I’m so sorry. I’m just so happy. I’m not supposed to tell you, but they are even letting you have a television in your very own room!”


“Oh yes! Isn’t it amazing!”

“It is. What is it? Why do you look so funny?”

“I was just thinking how it would be easier to…. To….”

“To… what? Out with it!”

“The thing we like to do sometimes when we watch television. That we aren’t supposed to.”

“Cuddle? Kiss? Be together? Love each other?”

“How is it so easy for you to say?”

“Because I’m not ashamed of you, Brig. I’m not ashamed of us.”

“Then why don’t your parents know?”

“That’s different. They are just now coming around to the idea of technology. They will need more time.”

Bridget looked away, but not quickly enough. I saw the tears that formed in her eyes. My heart felt like it had been pierced. I never liked seeing her hurt. Especially knowing that I’m the one that caused the pain. I quickly pulled her into my lap and put my arms around her.

“Come now, love. Don’t cry. It’s going to be okay. You’ll see. I promise. I love you. You know that?”

“You can’t love me. I’m not in the same circle as you. And I’m a woman! All I’ve been to you is a good time.”

“Bridget Rose!”

“I’m sorry. That was crass. I didn’t mean it. I’m just scared. I’m scared you’ll find somebody else that you want the world to know about and you’ll leave me. I’m scared that I’ll always be just a secret love affair that you’ll one day forget.”

“Never. You’ve stolen my heart. I’m just scared. You know how my parents are.”

“I do. You’re right. Can you forgive me, love?”

“There’s nothing to forgive. I understand the anxieties and the fears. Let’s try to always talk them out. Okay?”

“Okay. Now tell me all the details about the installation. They even ordered televisions?”

“Oh yes! Well they had me do it. They didn’t understand the people on the phone.”


“You’re getting a cell phone, too! I almost forgot!”


“Yes! I am too. They want to make sure both of us are reachable at all times.”

“Not fun. I’ll take it though. Especially knowing I have a way to communicate with you around the clock now.”

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