Thankful Thursday: 3/4/21

I don’t know if anybody else has made this a thing. I also don’t know if anybody else will do this with me. If not, it’s completely fine. It’s something I want to do every week. I’m going to think of at least one thing I’m thankful for for the week. I’ll try to do up to four a week, but at least one. I think this will be very therapeutic. We shall see in time.

Note: There may be some things that get repeated now and then. My intention is to talk about things I’m thankful for that week. So some things may pop up a few times. I’m not attempting to be redundant or repetitive. Just trying to be genuine.

  1. I’m thankful to officially be making steady pay again. I may not be back where I need to be. I just know that I will be. I’m so thankful that I am getting there now. I’m thankful that I am going to be working a job that I will love for the most part to get that financial stability.
  2. I’m thankful for getting to spend time with my loved ones. Especially one that I don’t get to see that often anymore. When you go from seeing someone every day to seeing them once a week if you’re lucky, it takes a major toll on me. I’m sure it does them as well. I’m just thankful that I get to see them when I can.
  3. I’m thankful for open book tests. I had a midterm this week for training. I was able to look up all the answers in the test and I made a passing grade. My score wasn’t as high as I would like it to be, but I’m a perfectionist. I accept that.
  4. I’m thankful for technology. This one seems silly. But it’s true. I’ve embraced technology I was a teenager and was looked down on for it. Now I have an outlet to be creative! And I can listen to my audiobooks on this beautiful speaker I found on Amazon! But that’s another story!

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