Weekly Reading and Blog Plans: 2/22/21

The past two weeks have been really insane for me. I feel like I have barely had time to breathe. I’ve had a bunch of projects going on that I was very late for over half of them. It was stressful. I also officially started my job! I’m not saying I had a bad few weeks. They have just been really jam packed and busy for me.

I’m way behind on reading. I will get caught up. I’m just very disappointed with the fact that I haven’t even finished a fraction of my reading list this month. It feels like every time I get time to read, something comes up. I’m also really bad about shutting down when my routine changes. That’s why I try my best to set up a super strict schedule so I don’t think about the change too much.

Currently Reading:

Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind: I’m way behind on this. I can’t even remember the last time I actually read it. I will get caught up soon. I have to. I’m pretty sure we are almost done with it.
Veil of Secrecy by RM Alexander: We haven’t really made much progress on this book lately. I’ve been reading this with my girlfriend. Well, we have been listening to it together. It’s just been awhile since we picked it up.
Craving Camden by Michelle Dare: This is a book in a series I absolutely love. All of the books are stand alone books, but they are connected in a series because they take place in the same world. I have absolutely loved them all! I’m about half to three quarters of the way through this one. I’m excited to finish it!

What I Intend To Start:

Boom by Sabrina Stark
Bang by Sabrina Stark
Blitz by Sabrina Stark
Drawn Blue Lines by Cora Kenborn
Selected by Evelyn Lederman
Sivoa Sunrise by H. Gorlitz Scott
Docia Departed by Angela Kulig
Blood Laws by Lexi C. Foss
Shattered by AK Macbride

If I finish all of these (long shot), I plan to go back and read the ones I missed for this month.

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