Writing Prompt: Forest and Warrior

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

Writing Prompt: Forest and Warrior

Shane woke up with a start. He was convinced that he had overslept. In a panic, he dove out the door to check the clock in the kitchen. He sighed with relief when he found that he was actually up thirty minutes earlier than he should have been. Taking one last look at the clock to be sure he read it right, he decided to take a morning stroll before he got ready for the day.

It still baffled him the trinkets his sister brought over from the human world when she came home. He did adore them though. He even let her decorate his home when he finished building it with as many of the trinkets as she liked. His favorite had been the clock. Most days, he didn’t really need it. It came in handy for the days he did. Not that he would ever admit that to dear Analese. 

After putting his shoes on, he made his way into the forest. It didn’t take him long to get to his favorite trail. He tried to walk on it for an hour several times a week. Sadly, he had so many demands on him that he couldn’t make it an everyday thing. Maybe one day things will be calm enough to where he could. Until then, he would enjoy his time. 

He felt at peace by the time he made it back to his home. That peace was quickly shattered when he saw his father standing at his doorway. The look on his father’s face could scare the most cold hearted villain. He wasn’t looking forward to this conversation at all. He knew he couldn’t avoid it forever. It was bound to come some day.

“Son. Why are you not out in the field training?”

“I’m not due at the training grounds for another two hours. You know this, Father. You made the schedule.” 

“You will not presume to back talk to me, warrior. You know your place. You should take your training seriously. We are at war. We will not send idiots blindly into battle unskilled.”

“Warrior? I was under the impression I was talking to my father on my own land. I wasn’t aware that I was speaking to my drill sergeant. My deepest apologies. I train twice as hard as any other warrior we have. They train three days a week. I train six. Let it go.”

“There are seven days in a week.”

“I can’t imagine why mother decided to leave you and put shame on the family. It couldn’t at all be your winning personality.”

“Enough! If you give me an attitude one more time, you will start your day with running ten miles. I will not be spoken down to again.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Much better. Do not forget that the formal meeting and banquet is being held tonight. All the important elves will be there. I expect you to be there, and I expect you to be properly dressed.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And have that troublesome sister of yours put on a dress and come too. It wouldn’t kill her.”

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