Writing Prompt: Deceit and Fruit

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

Writing Prompt: Deceit and Fruit

With a smirk, Summer took a huge bite of the apple that she picked up from the house. She always found herself ravenous after she had completed the tasks she set out to do. Her preference was always fruit, but in a pinch, any food would really do. She took one last look to make sure that all evidence of her was erased and headed out the door. 

If she did the job right, the family would never even know that she had ever been there. Nothing was missing. Nothing was even out of place as far as she knew. They would know. In the months that followed. They would watch as their world crashed down around them. They made it so easy for her. It was almost boring.

Was it really deceit if she was executing revenge for people? Could payback really be considered a form of betrayal? Yes, she got into these people’s lives and got into their heads so she could figure out everything she needed to cause the maximum pain. The thing is, she knew she was going to do it before she even made contact with them. That was her job. It had been for years. It wouldn’t stop now.

This latest one gave her the most satisfaction. A father had pleaded that she take on his case. Her piano teacher had been very inappropriate with his daughter. It turned out it had been going on for years. Her daughter had finally had enough and told her parents what had been happening. Sadly, because they had no proof, the police refused to even press charges. The piano teacher was very well known and respected in the community. They didn’t want to tarnish his reputation.

Summer had enjoyed accidentally running into Rachel at a grocery store. Not that it was actually accidental. She had been researching Chad’s life for weeks. Rachel was the easiest target. She had such a routine that Summer could practically walk it in her sleep. Naturally, Summer and Rachel hit it off and wound up becoming great friends. 

In the weeks that followed their friendship, Summer learned that Rachel pretty much knew about the allegations. She just turned a blind eye to it. It didn’t hurt her or her children any. That’s all that mattered to her. It also turned out that Chad had many victims. Including Rachel’s nieces. They made sure everything was kept quiet by paying the right people off. People with money could do that.

After Summer had all the information she needed and access to the house, she went in one day when everybody was out and about. She hacked into the main computer and routed all of the automatic payments that were going to the people in charge to local charities. Especially ones for battered women and children. 

Once the payments stopped, the investigation would begin. Chad would be going down for a long time. She wasn’t sure if anything would happen to Rachel, but she hoped there would be. The thought of Rachel knowing about all of the horrible things her husband was capable of and doing nothing to stop it made Summer’s stomach turn. What was the benefit? Keeping her lifestyle? Was the money really worth the pain?

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