Writing Prompt: Clown and Locket

Writing Prompt: Clown and Locket

Rose woke up before the sun. She didn’t care. She was excited. The fair was in town and her father had gotten tickets from his work to go the very first day. She couldn’t wait to go see everything there was to see and then come home and tell about it to her very jealous best friends. 

She wanted to feel bad they couldn’t come, but she wasn’t all that sad. This was the first thing that she had that they didn’t. They were always holding things they did without her over her head. For once, she had something they didn’t. While it made her feel bad, it also gave her a sense of pride. 

After sitting in bed for a little while longer, she finally decided to get up and shower and dress for the day. Her mother wouldn’t let her make up until she turned fifteen. That wasn’t for another six months. She made up for it by dressing as flashy as she could without crossing the boundaries. It irked her mother, but as she never broke any rules, her mother kept it to herself. She only made subtle suggestions on other things she could wear instead.

She decided to make breakfast for the family hoping it would earn her brownie points for a little bit extra spending money while she was at the fair. Her mother would appreciate it as she would most likely have to fight the twins tooth and nail to get ready to go. Even though they were as excited as her about going. She had just finished the last of the breakfast when her family started to wake.

After eating, the family quickly went to get ready for the day. Her parents were extremely happy that she cooked for them and they let her know it. They even told her how wonderful it all was. She was surprised to find that the twins ate all of their food with little complaint. The twins didn’t give any problems at all getting dressed and the family was out the door in less than an hour. Which was very unusual for them. 

The drive seemed to take hours, but it only took about fifteen minutes. It was still early, so they didn’t have to deal with a line to get in. The first place they went to was the ferris wheel. The twins were anxious to get on one. Once they got there and were waiting to get in line, Rose was surprised to be pulled aside by her parents.

“Your father and I talked very thoroughly about this. While we are still nervous, we both feel you’d be happier exploring the fair on your own.”


“Yes, baby. Please be responsible. Keep your phone on you at all times. Also, please text us to check in at least once an hour. Here’s some spending money. We’d like to have lunch as a family. We’ll text you where to go when it’s time.”

“Thank you, Mom! Thank you Dad! I love you!”

Rose hugged her mom and dad and watched as they walked back to the line with the twins who were impatiently waiting for the current ride to be over. She held off a squeal of delight and made her way to the place she really wanted to go. The maze. She had hardly made it ten steps forward when she was accosted by a clown. 

“Little girl. Should you be away from your Mommy and Daddy?”

“Excuse you! I’m fourteen years old. I’m practically grown.”

“Oh, child. You have a long way to go before you’re grown. Enjoy your youth while you have it.”

With that he promptly walked away. She shook her head. All adults were always telling her to enjoy her youth while she had it. They had no idea how annoying it was. She promptly went on her way. After looking for the maze for fifteen minutes, she finally found a map to consult. She was disappointed to discover that the maze didn’t seem to be a thing that year. 

She consoled herself by making a quick plan of the places that were there she wanted to go, including some new places that looked fun. She was just closing up the map and heading in the direction of the first place when she ran smack into somebody. She looked up to apologize and lost all words when she found herself eye to eye with Cody. Her biggest crush.

“Rose! I was hoping to find you here.”

“I-I-I What?”

“Oh Rose, you’re so adorable. I’ve always thought so. I’ve wanted to ask you out for a long time. I heard you talking about coming to the fair. I’ve been looking all over for you! Here!”

Cody reached out his hand to her. He held it out for a few seconds prompting her to open her hand. She did reluctantly. He promptly dropped a small beautiful necklace in her hands while beaming at her. She was shocked to find it was a beautiful locket with roses on it. 

“So, what do you say, Rose? Will you be my girl?”


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