Writing Prompt: Castle and Cake

Writing Prompt: Castle and Cake

The castle was decorated to the max. There were streamers and ribbons in every nook and cranny. Lights had been set out on every single walkway to the castle. This was an extraordinary night. Everybody was excited. The twins were turning sixteen. 

Everybody had watched these two grow up into the sweet girls they were today. They had turned into compassionate young women who cared about everybody and everyone around them. They didn’t let their social status cloud their judgment. They were humble and kind. Everybody loved to back in their presence. 

The only snag keeping everything from being absolutely perfect was the cake. Nobody could decide on the exact cake to make for the twins. While the twins were both kind and pure of heart, they were different in almost everything else. What one twin liked, the other twin generally didn’t care for all that much. Gwynn loved strawberries and vanilla, and Tabitha loved blueberries and chocolate. Gwynn loved painting and horseback riding, and Tabitha loved reading and writing. It goes on and on. 

“What about making two cakes? This is a special day. Why not make the cakes special as well.”

Everybody stared at Tom as if he’d grown a second head. He didn’t even flinch. He stared back at everybody keeping his stance. He knew he had a good idea and everybody else did as well. After conceding the point, they all got to work on making both of the beautiful cakes for the two beautiful girls. 

Just as they stored the cakes in their secret place until the big event, Gwynn walked in. She looked distraught and her clothes were disheveled. Everybody ran to her to help console her. Nobody knew exactly what had happened, but they all assumed the worst. Tabitha came in a few minutes later looking just as distraught. After several moments, Tabitha finally spoke up.

“It’s Shini. Somebody ran over our Shini.”


“I’m afraid she’s right. We found her just outside the castle gates.”

“Oh that’s so horrible! I can’t believe this. That cat never leaves these walls!”

“That’s what we thought, too. I guess today she braved it.Gwynn and I went to give her her food today and we couldn’t find her. We searched for an hour before finally finding her there.”

Everybody was too devastated to say much else. The cat had been around for as long as anybody can remember and was just as beloved as the twins were. Addie went and got some cupcakes for the girls to cheer them up a bit, but that’s all the action anybody made during that time. 

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