Friday Game Chat: 1/29/21

Welcome to the weekly game chat! This is where I ramble on about the games I’ve played for the week. Sometimes the games will have been talked about before. Sometimes I’ll have played something different during the week. I sincerely hope you enjoy the blog! I figured you should see something not book related now and then.

First of all, I’m sorry I haven’t updated this in quite a while. I didn’t really feel like I had anything to update in all honesty. Some days it’s all I can do just to log on and keep my daily bonus in tact. I’ve missed that quite a bit. I’ll try to start posting every week even if I don’t have much to say.

Guns of Glory: I now have my castle to level 22. But most of the time I’m only on long enough to get my daily tasks done right now. There was a huge stretch in which I kind of got really bored with the game and just wanted to quit. I kept on though. I have managed to hoard up quite a bit of material for the game for when I’m fully ready to play again. So there’s that.

All Criminal Case games: I’ve really not played any of these games at all. I get on once a day to check in for the 5 hints. I’ve made a rule for myself that I have to start playing the game once I hit 2500 energy. That way it’s not getting to an insane level. Before I deleted BlueStacks, I had about 10k energy on at least three of the games. It was insane.

Yahtzee with Buddies: This game has been frustrating me quite a bit lately in all honesty. We aren’t getting anywhere in Family Feast games. The leader of the family and myself put all of our dice in and we still struggle just to stay in the top 20. The family isn’t big, but we’re constantly being pitted against people who have more members than we do. On average, we have 3-4 people who play from our family. Most of the other families have 10 or more. It’s causing major burn out. I really want other people to join us, but I don’t even know where to begin to recruit.

KittenMatch: This really is a cute game and I really do adore it. But lately, I just don’t feel it. I’ve done little more than log on to stock up on stuff for when I do play.

I think that’s about it. I recently wiped both my desktop and laptop because I had an issue getting into my work programs. I lost Epic Games. I need to reinstall it and get better about trying out the games I get there. What games are you playing?

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