Writing Prompt: Dream and Sun

Writing Prompt: Dream and Sun

The realm of dreams was a very strange realm. It harbored many different scenes from many different people. Some relaxing. Some alluring. Some downright terrifying. Every single dream needed to be monitored. If something killed a person in their dream, they would never wake up again. 

There were many guardians that monitored the realm as much as possible to keep this very thing from happening. Sometimes, things got missed. The guardians grieved when this happened. They could do nothing but watch as the dream flickered and disappeared entirely. They prayed for the loved ones that were left behind and for the ones who were bound to find the body. Some guardians were even known to go crazy after seeing too many.

Sasha was one of the best guardians in the realm. She was even known to interact in some of the dreams. It was one of her favorite past times. She also loved to cheer up other guardians when she could see that they were down. Nothing made her happier than to be able to bring somebody’s mood completely around. 

Her favorite types of dreams to explore always had a sun in them. Especially ones that seemed to have a bright day. She loved the sun. When guardians asked her why she loved the sun so much, she told them that she didn’t see the sun that much when she was a human. When they asked questions after that, she tended to shut them down or just change the subject. They all quickly got the point that it was a very sore subject that she would never wish to talk about.

All of the guardians were both blessed and cursed to retain all of their memories from their human lives. Some rejoiced in it, but some wished that they would never have to remember a single horrible memory that they carried with them. 

Every hundred years, the guardians were given a choice to continue living in the dream realm or to be given another human life. Most guardians chose to stay in the realm. They felt a sense of peace there. Especially the ones who had mastered turning nightmares into good dreams again. There were a few that grew bored of the routine of things. They wanted to take another stab at a life on Earth.

Sasha sometimes kept tabs on those who went back to Earth. She loved watching their dreams and seeing what had become of them. She never told any other guardian about doing so. They would tell her that she shouldn’t do that and that it wasn’t good for her. She didn’t care. She wanted to be prepared for when she finally chose to go back. She wasn’t ready yet, but eventually she knew she would be. And she wanted to learn how the world was as the years went by.

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