Species Traitor by Kate L. Mary Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5 Species Traitors

Thoughts On Plot: This is a rare book that sucked me into the story from the very first sentence. It doesn’t really shock me that much though. This is one of my favorite authors. She has incredible talent on writing very well. She has a unique twist on things. This book is no exception.

Thoughts On Characters: Ava is just such an amazing character. She does the right thing regardless of the cost. When her entire family cut her cousin off, she stuck by her cousin’s side. It’s awe inspiring. I loved the cousin as well. She was a fiesty girl who had a good head on her shoulders. I didn’t really care for Finn at first, but he grew on me.

Notable Points in Book: Book ends in cliffhanger. Book contains references of sex.

Rating On Narrator: Heather Firth- 5 stars

Thoughts on Audiobook: This is not the first book that I’ve listened to that’s narrated by Heather Firth. She’s an amazing narrator. She’s one of my favorite actually.

Suggestions For Author: Write more like this!!!!

Would I recommend?: Yes

Similar To: Delirium by Lauren Oliver,but with Aliens

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