Cinema Sunday: Gilmore Girls, Season 6

When I was looking for non-book memes to get into, I found this one. I tried to trace it back, but it seems like the original blogger has pulled their blogs. Or the link that the source I used just wasn’t valid. I still liked the idea behind it, so I thought I would give it a go. If I ever find the original source of this meme, I will update this. Until then, I’ll put my own spin on things. Every week, I’ll discuss shows or movies I watched during the week. I don’t really watch a lot of television, so this may be skipped some weeks.

Gilmore Girls Image #GG04-vert Pictured (l-r): Scott Patterson as Luke Danes, Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore, Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore, Matt Czuchry as Logan Credit: ©ÊThe WB/Frank Ockenfels

So I wound up spending a good bit of Friday alone. I decided to take my laptop into the living room with me and take advantage of it by watching some television while I worked. I had issues finding something at first. I watched an episode of House and a little of this true crime show. I can’t remember the name. I eventually found out that Gilmore Girls was going to air on this channel I’d never heard before at 3. So I had to watch it. Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows of all time. Recently, I watched the first three seasons with somebody special to me. She’d never watched the show before. So naturally I had to corrupt her. Anyway, apparently they were celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the show by playing four hours of the show. They were airing season six. Rewatching that season makes me realize that it wasn’t my favorite season ever. I liked the show enough to not quit watching, but there were things I didn’t agree with that happened in it. However, I did get to rewatch one of the most iconic fight scenes of the show. So there’s that. Also, I can say that I no longer detest the idea of her getting with Logan. I fully understand that in the moment of her life, she needed a Logan. He was good for her because he helped her come out of her shell. I could watch this show a thousand times over and never get tired of it. Seriously. The person I watched it with swears it’s because I have a crush on Rory. She may be right… but the show is still AMAZING.

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