Writing Prompt: Necklace and Ice Cream

Writing Prompt: Necklace and ice Cream

Kaitlyn looked up at the clock. She was anxious for the bus to get there and pick her up. Today was show and tell day. She was wearing her favorite necklace that she wore at all her tea parties. Her mommy had given her special permission to take it to school with her. She was excited to tell the class the story of her necklace.

A car pulled up to the curb. She looked up to see Billy getting out of the car. Her mommy lowered the window to remind him to grab his lunch. He lunged back into the car long enough to grab it saying thank you as he shut the door again. His mommy blew him a kiss and drove away. 

“Hi, Billy.” Kaitlyn said as he walked up to the stop sign.

“Hi Kate.”

“Are you ready for show and tell day?”

“Duh! I even got my favorite dinosaur with me.”

“You like dinosaurs way too much. They are gross.”

“Your tea parties are gross!”

“No they aren’t! They are fun! Don’t be mean.”

“You started it!”

They stopped talking as they heard another car pull up. They watched as Jeanie and Jack hopped out of the car and waved at their dad as he pulled away. They walked up and waved without really talking. Jeanie moved to stand beside Kaitlyn as Jack moved next to Billy.

“Are you ready for ice cream day?” Jack asked.

“I forgot that was today!” Billy yelled.

“I wonder what kind of ice cream they will serve this time.” Kaitlyn pondered.

“I’m not allowed to participate in ice cream day.” Jeanie pouted. 

“Why not?” Kaitlyn asked.

“Because I called Trevor a big meanie head.”

“Trevor is a big meanie head! He yells at everybody and hits them when they don’t do what he says.”

“I told Miss Lacey that, but she said she can only act on what she saw. It’s not fair.”

The three nodded in agreement. Nobody liked Trever. There were three first grade classes in the entire school. Nobody in any of the classes liked Trevor. He was mean. He was rude. He hurt people when he felt like it. The teachers didn’t do anything because they never saw him do it. The kids thought it was also because his daddy was also mean.

A handful more children showed up before the bus finally got there. They all slowly filed in. They split up to go sit in their assigned seats. Kaitlyn pulled out her book and started reading after she was settled in. She liked to read on the way to school every morning. They had many more stops to make and wouldn’t be at school for a while.

The first part of the day went by quickly. She got to school in time to eat a biscuit in the cafeteria before heading to class. The first part of her day was full of lessons and play time. They would be having their show and tell after lunch. 

At lunch, they had pizza and ice cream once they were done with their pizza. They all had ice cream sundaes. Everybody was excited as they got to pick the toppings they wanted on their ice cream. It wasn’t until she got back into her classroom that she noticed that her necklace wasn’t on her neck anymore.

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