Writing Prompt: Mouse and City

Writing Prompt: Mouse and City

Gretchen sat in the carriage looking at the scenery as it passed. She had a long week. She was so glad that it was finally over with. She felt like she had talked to everybody in the village at least twice. Everybody knew that she was going into the city to gather the items they would need for the month. Of course they did. They are the ones that voted for her to do the task. 

She had so many things to get that she was sure she would have to hire at least ten wagons and twice as many hands to help her get it all back. The village seemed to grow by the day. The more it grew, the more items they needed to survive. She didn’t mind. What she minded was being sent to the city alone. She didn’t even have a companion to keep her company on the long journey there.

She watched out of the window for a little longer before she got bored of it. Shed watching the trees pass her by and the animals that got curious and came close to the carriage, but it did get old after a while. Feeling her eyes getting heavy, she succumbed to sleep. 

The sounds of horns woke her up. They signaled that she was close to the city. She sat up with a start and quickly checked to make sure that she looked presentable. The last thing she wanted to do was give people the wrong impression because her clothes looked disheveled. She arrived at the gate where a stony faced man stood. He leaned in to check the passengers.

“Welcome back, Gretchen. I’m beginning to think you come here to see me.”

“However did you figure it out, George?”

“Why else would you come to my gate even though there are multiple entrances?”

“George, you are too much! Not guessing you’d be willing to come help me shop and load up the wagons?”

“Oh my love. If only I could. My wife would kill me if I as much as sneezed outside of city boundaries. I happen to know for a fact that there will be numerous men that will fight at the chance to help you get everything back to your village.”

“Maybe so, but none of them will ever compare to you, my dear.”

“Oh you’re too much. You know, Mildred would love to see you while you’re here. Are you in a rush? Or will you be here for a few days?”

“I will most definitely be here for a few days. One or two days to rest, two days to gather everything on the list, and two days to load everything up and rest.”

“Good. Then we expect you to come over for dinner. Don’t you dare make excuses. You know Mildred will hunt you down and drag you over!”

“She won’t have to do that at all. I will be there this evening if you will have me.”

“Perfect. I’ll let her know when I get home.”

“I am looking forward to it. Mildred is such a wonderful cook. I’ve missed it since I was here last. See you soon.”

“Yes. See you soon, m’lady.”

I chuckled at the interaction as I made my way into the city. On the way to the tavern I’d be staying at, a mouse ran out in front of the carriage giving myself and the horses quite the scare. It was gone almost as fast as it showed up. She had almost convinced herself that she had imagined it until she saw that the horses were still tense.

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