Writing Prompt: Hell and Tree

Writing Prompt: Hell and Tree

Bridget changed positions for what felt like the hundredth time. She had books with her to keep her entertained, but she was still bored. She had been given information that there would be activity around this area. She was excited. She hadn’t had any demon action in almost two months. Her life was beginning to grow a little too comfortable.

The informants seemed to be reliable. They were reformed demons that still had contacts in Hell. They kept up to date with what was going on. Mostly out of curiosity, but now and then they used the information they gained for their own personal gain. For most people, that gain was monetary. They went to the highest bidder with the information. For me, it was my protection. 

My services were well known. A lot of the demons constantly sought me out for protection. Some paid me in money and others paid me with information from the other world. I profited from both. 

The demons who came to me with the information had a major need for my protection. The information they had was that some of the big bosses had found an opening by the big tree in the central park. They were going to take advantage at the top of the day to get through it. Their first order of business was to execute all demons who had betrayed Hell. 

I had suspected something was going down before they told me. I had noticed that the demons that usually took pleasure in driving everybody nuts were suspiciously absent for a few days. It was like they wanted to minimize being seen at all costs. When the two demons approached me and told me everything, it all fit together like a puzzle.

Just as I was about to give up and go, I noticed a movement right by the biggest tree in the park. It was subtle, but I was sure it was there. I watched for what seemed like an eternity, but may have only been a few minutes. Without warning, a head popped out followed by the rest of the body. They turned around to help the demon behind them out. 

I didn’t hesitate. I pulled out my bow and arrow and fired them both. They went down without a sound. I knew the poison would take a minute to fully kick in, but I had to go closer to fully inspect the situation. The demons were just disappearing when I got to them. I was just casting the spell to close the portal when a face appeared.


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