Writing Prompt: Rabbit and Wisdom

Writing Prompt: Rabbit and Wisdom

Gretchen walked around the woods slowly. She was enjoying the scenery around her. The woods were always so beautiful. Especially in the morning hours right before the sun started to rise. She had come to the woods every morning for years just to talk around and enjoy the scenery. She also enjoyed her lovely chats with the creatures that lived there. 

A rabbit hopped out of the bush next to her launching itself into her arms. She let out a startled gasp until she realized what had happened. She took a few moments to nuzzle the beautiful white rabbit and stroke his head and back. He nuzzled her showing how content he was. Feeling the connection in her mind, she greeted her favorite little rabbit.

Good morning, Peter. How are you feeling, today?

I am good, Mistress Gretchen. My paw is almost healed.

She took the moment to inspect his paw. It was still a little swollen and red, but she could see that the cut was almost completely closed. She kissed his nose to show how happy she was to see that. 

I am so glad to see that it’s healing. What will you do when you are all better?

I plan to stay here. With you. Somebody needs to keep an eye on you.

I can take care of myself just fine thank you very much.

Vera tells me that you come here every morning and you have been for years.

Yes. She’s quite right. This place has been a second home to me and has for a long time.

Mistress, you have to see how unsafe it is. Especially these days. Haven’t you noticed the darkness that grows increasingly every day? There’s not much wisdom being here when it’s not light out.

Oh, Peter. I try to ignore things because I think I’m just overreacting. You are here much more than I am. Will you please tell me what it is you see. 

I don’t want to. I want you to be cautious but I do not want to scare you away forever. You have to understand that as a human, you are in much danger here. 

Don’t you see how terrifying that is by itself? What do you know, Peter? 

There is a being that is like nothing I have ever seen. It is not animal. It is not human. For some reason, he can not see us. We see him though. We see the terror he causes and the horrible things he’s done to the humans he finds. You are important. He cannot find you. He also cannot come out in the day.

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