Writing Prompts: Passion and Apartment

Writing Prompt: Passion and Apartment

Paige looked out her window. The city was bustling with activity. Vendors were trying to sell goods on the street. People were walking from one place to another as quickly as they could. Lovers were stealing quick kisses before parting ways and going about their day. It was a typical morning. 

Once she had seen her fill of the activity around her, she turned around and looked around her apartment. It was time to plan the day ahead of her. While she was fortunate to be able to make her own schedule every day, she was also plagued by it. She had the power to plan out a productive day or an absolutely disastrous day. It was all in how she felt each passing day.

With a sigh, she took her planner and computer and sat on the windowsill so that she could enjoy the scenery as she made the plans. She spent the better part of an hour checking her email and getting everything put into her planner that needed to be added. She also responded to any emails that needed to be responded to. 

Once she had finished that task, she decided to take a look at the to do list for today. She was surprised to find that she didn’t really have many tasks to do today. She could probably even take a good part of the day to work on the project that Ash hired her to do. After scheduling all the tasks to do through the day, she got up and stretched. She felt lighter now that she had a plan.

First thing on her list was to eat and take a shower. She didn’t really feel like fixing anything so she grabbed a pizza from the night before and ate it cold. After that, she hopped into the shower. The hot water on her skin instantly soothed her. She wanted to stay in the shower all day long, but knew she would regret it later if she did. Light day or not, she still had too much to do.

As she was getting dressed, she heard a sound. The sound had come from the hall. Instantly drawn to it, she made her way to the door and cracked the door to take a peak. She wasn’t really nosy, but sometimes her curiosity got the better of her. What she saw took her breath away.

Her neighbor Grace was making out heavily with a rugged looking man right there in front of her door. The passion was raw and intense. Paige felt like a voyeur even looking. As she was about to softly close the door again and finish dressing, Grace pushed the man off her. 

“Greg. Stop. We can’t do this. I told you this already.”

“You want it.  You know you do. You still love me. Stop fighting it.”

“I have moved on. I’m married now. Please accept that. I can’t keep doing this. Please. Stop.”

“Married? To a woman? Seriously? You and I both know that you belong with me. Stop fighting it.”

“Greg! No! I don’t belong to you. I don’t belong to anybody. I am my own person. I am in therapy now. You can’t control me anymore.”

“The hell you say. You will not talk back to me. Ever.”

With that, he put his hands on her throat. The look of terror on her face was instant. Without thinking, I yanked the door open and rushed toward them tackling him to the ground. His head hit the floor, surprisingly knocking him out instantly. Grace looked at me in shock. 

“Don’t just stand there! Call the cops! Is this the asshole you told me you had a restraining order against?”

“Yes. I don’t know how he keeps finding me.”

“We’ll let the police figure that out. Go call them now!”

Without arguing, she rushed into her apartment. She came back out a few minutes later with her phone in her hand. Her whole body was trembling. I quickly remembered that I wasn’t fully dressed. This will be a story to tell the cops when they get here.

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