Writing Prompt: Piano and Football

Writing Prompt: Piano and Football

Josie felt like screaming. She couldn’t believe he had done it to her again. She really got that football was important to him, but football wasn’t everything. How dare he blow her off. Didn’t he realize how important this audition was to her?

Luckily Lucy was able to go with her. She could have gone on her own, but she was nervous. She needed a familiar face with her so she didn’t completely mess up the audition. This audition could change her life as she knew it forever. It could get her into one of the most prestigious musical schools of the country. It may be the best in the entire world.

Josie had been a natural at the piano for as long as she could remember. Her mother said that she was drawn to the piano from the moment she could crawl. She told anybody that would listen that Josie barely even needed lessons because she was such a natural. Josie didn’t know if she believed that, but she was always so blessed to have her mother on her team. It encouraged her to always push to go further.

She looked up to see Lucy pulling into the parking lot. The weight on her shoulders instantly went away. The tension she felt while waiting since she called Lucy vanished instantly. She practically ran to the car to get to Lucy. Her audition wasn’t for another hour, but it may as well have been now.

Lucy stepped out of the car and was practically tackled by Josie. Josie immediately started talking her ear off. She was so relieved that Lucy was there that she was practically crying. Lucy chuckled and held Josie steady so that she didn’t fall as she rambled on. She wasn’t about to interrupt Josie when she was like this. She’d been there before.

“Josie, love. Calm down. You’re going to be fantastic.”

“Thanks to you! I’m so sorry if I pulled you away from anything important. Brad was supposed to have come. He was supposed to have met me at the hotel last night. He never showed. He texted me about five minutes before I called you. Not saying I wouldn’t want you to come. I just know how busy you are.”

“I know, but I cleared all my plans for today the moment you told me you were auditioning for a place at the school today.”

“I told you that weeks ago.”

“I know. I planned to be here to cheer you on. I also planned on taking you out to eat when you were done to celebrate.”

“I won’t know if I got in until tomorrow morning at the earliest.”

“Oh, you’ll get in. You are too talented not to.”

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