Writing Prompt: River and Tiger

Writing Prompt: River and Tiger

River patrolled the woods. It had been a long time since his scouts had left and he was wondering why they hadn’t returned yet. He made one last round before returning back to the cave and his pack.

One look around told him that everybody was still asleep. Not wanting to disturb their sleep, he laid out on the entrance and pondered on things. He had heard that there was a threat from another tiger colony nearby. If his sources were correct, they would attempt to attack when everybody was asleep. He was startled by Alicia coming up behind him. 

What troubles you, my love?

The news of the attack.

We haven’t confirmed it yet. Is there a cause to worry about it?

My scouts have not returned yet. They should have been back hours ago. 

That is troubling. When did they leave?

They left two nights ago now. I’ve looked for their return every six hours since.

Let us pray to Zeus that they are safe and will return soon.

Yes, that’s all I want. Their safe return. Thank you for always being there to lend an ear.

It’s what I do. We are a team and will always be a team.

Yes, we will be. Aria is asleep, I hope?

Yes. She sleeps with her brothers.

Soon, she will have to start her training. I am not ready for it.

Neither am I my husband. 

They were distracted from their conversation by a movement in the distance. They saw a group of tigers heading their way. With a jolt of shock, River realized it was his scouts returning at last. He was excited at first, but also concerned. He noticed that at least half of them were limping and all of them looked wounded. 

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